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At a time when scalability, speed and focus are essential, outsourcing parts of your tech teams is a proven strategy to quickly and effectively adapt to market change. We enable your digital transformation with the best nearshore experts from Portugal.  With our experience you will optimize your IT projects and business performance with high-quality and cost-effective alternatives to your in-house teams and outsourcing services. Expand your team in The Netherlands and accelerate your business challenges. Our cross-cultural experience will make your nearshore project a success.

Services in Portugal

With 20 years of combined experience of doing business in Portugal we can help you with nearshoring and with your business setup.

Support you from the set up with coaching and training to onboard your nearshore team in Portugal with trusted experts and proven technologies.

Delivery management of your teams in both countries. Our business experiences and cultural insights will make your nearshore project a success.

Develop your business strategy for Portugal, combining our in-depth knowledge of the Portuguese market with our network of trusted local partners.

We can help to set up your own business in Portugal. We have done it before, know the steps and have the best partners on board to accelerate your start-up.

Services in The Netherlands

We work no-nonsense and hands-on. We believe that understanding and managing cross-cultural differences is the key to success.

Project management and senior consultancy for your IT challenges and business improvement projects in the Netherlands.

Develop a market analysis and network map for a solid business case and roadmap for your business in The Netherlands.

Detail your business strategy and asses its potential. Tailor your proposition to ensure go-to-market readiness in the Netherlands.

We can represent your company and help turn a sales pitch into a deal and long-term partnership.

We are here to help you

improve and expand your business.

Yvonne & Geesje

About us

As senior consultants and international entrepreneurs we have a lot of experience in working with different countries and cultures. We embrace inclusivity, we celebrate heritages and we think diversity makes us all stronger and better.

The last decade we have worked within Portugal and with Portuguese partners. We speak the language, know the culture, have a local network of trusted partners. This helps to bridge the common gaps in nearshore projects.

We work together and cross-cultural to provide solutions and business improvements for companies and teams we believe in. We work no-nonsense, knowledge based and are always up for a tough challenge or problem to solve.

Getting the job done is our mission!

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